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This would be the birthplace of new ideas, concept and innovation which is relevant to the fashion market and its needs . Our Studio which we proudly call our “Centre of Excellence “ houses our in-house brand WM Project which is used as a tool to inspire and offer creative input to all our clients . Using the latest Fabrics, Designs, Styles, Colors, Accessories, Technology, Washes ,Treatments while constantly keeping in mind the well being of the planet , WM Project looks to offer a fresh perspective season on season using all our know how to showcase the best that is possible from all the production markets in Asia .

The simple goals of our creative in house studio are to :


Deliver the best possible outcomes  (deliver “WOW”) 



 Work collaboratively towards the desirable products and solutions

 Commit to inspire

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WM PROJECT is a laboratory brand that explores and experiments the latest ideas for the fashion industry with the essential (core) values, innovation & sustainability.

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