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Fifth Avenue International aims to be an example of how the garment industry can generate positive change for people and for our planet. 


By believing in 2 Main Focus areas, we look to demonstrate our values through Innovative pathways towards both Environmental Sustainability and Social Sustainability.


To elucidate, we not only develop solutions for our clients, but through collaboratively working with other industry professionals who look to create effective solutions for our planet. Fifth Avenue International is constantly learning, growing and finding new ways to implement alternative ways of working to help our community as a whole realise our potential in an earth-conscious manner.


By combining the 2 key elements, People and Planet, we are inspired to continue enhancing our relationships, respecting the values of our multicultural clients and workers whilst constantly looking to maintain our support for the protection of the environment. 


We strongly believe that every action we take has the ability to drive meaningful change that will lead to progress both in business and for the society that we live in.

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Fueling our creative vision by consistently working with suppliers to identify and create new and effective eco-friendly materials to implement into our various product categories


Constantly look to find / work with dye and chemical producers to identify different  treatments that aid in reducing the use of chemicals and water consumption 


Work with washing plants to see how we can try and create more earth friendly treatments without losing the edge that the fashion business demands.

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Offer sustainable solutions that not only extends the lifespan of packaging but to also apply different methods that are biodegradable and/or recycled. This is in our constant effort to replace non sustainable or earth unfriendly products .

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Utilising high-tech solutions that increase efficiency and effectiveness in the supply chain by becoming more digital and trying to reduce the need for sampling, travel and courier shipments.

We try hard to reduce the number of sampling and have the capability to do online fittings effectively .


Supporting transformation and ensuring that all people we work with are Socially compliant . We encourage consciousness and attention to the health and safety of the people.

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Lies in our willingness to ensure value for money and in our ability to sustain the business under all circumstances and recognise the efforts of all people involved in our company both directly and indirectly.

We recognise that in our business it is important to give due credit to all the parties involved .

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